John Street Space is for professionals working from home or needing a space away from the office to work if on the road.  It's preferred by small and mid-sized businesses for its dynamic layout and numerous customization options.


Available on site for free

Basic office equipment - Stapler, hole punch, pens, pencils, erasers, document binder

Basic Kitchen equipment - Microwave, Kettle (in case two minute noodles are your thing), fridge, glasses, coffee cups, water chiller, cutlery. Please wash up after yourself - we aren't the cleaners.

Wifi - There are limits and we will let you know if you are sailing too close to tying up the system. If we have outages we are not responsible for we will be unable to refund you.  If it is our equipment or service we will look at each case.  

Cups of Tea

The coffee next door is so much better than instant.

Happy to bounce ideas around on your project (to a point - we have work to do too!)

Available at a cost

Printing - 10cents for black and white, 20cents for colour.

Stationery - Folders, Binders, (2nd hand) document display folders - all $1 each. Other items - ask, we may have them if you need them. 




As John Street Space gets busier, we are happy to take your suggestions on the next things to furnish within the space.